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The Rooted Kafe

Do you want MORE but not sure what MORE is?

Have you wanted to study the Bible

but didn't know where to start?

Are you not getting the depth you want in your study?

Do you have questions and no one to ask them to?

Is a Bible study overwhelming for you?


Let us help you navigate the Word and help you know what Jesus was talking about and how the Bible tells the best story from Genesis to Revelation.




We pride ourselves on the positive culture we have created inside of the membership. All are welcome. It's a judgement-free zone.


Understand more about your Bible from a Hebraic perspective. Every month you will study Scripture in its historical, linguistic, and cultural context. You will receive courses to go through at your own pace with instructors available to answer your questions.


You can build community, learn, and grow deeper in your relationship with God all from the comfort of your own home. 


You've been trying to find and engage with an online community that is studying the Word from a Hebraic perspective. 

You're wanting more but not sure what more is.

You'd like to be able to chat with Bible and Torah scholars/instructors to ask questions in a safe environment

"I was questioning my Christian faith and wanting to dive deeper into its Hebraic roots. I can't tell you what an answered prayer this community has been. I've never felt more connected and confident in my relationship with God and his people. This will change your life."

Shelby Fowler

"I have been reading the Bible and going to Bible studies for 25 years. Even though those were helpful in acquiring knowledge and drawing me closer to God, I always yearned for more. Five years ago I was blessed to meet Charli, Brenda, and Bill, who are now teachers at The Rooted Kafe. The growth I've experienced in those five years has skyrocketed my faith and in knowing our Creator on a more personal level. It's all about a deep, personal relationship with Him. The teaching is exactly what my heart was longing for and what God knew I needed. These teachers are blessed and have a true heart for sharing God's Word with others. I'm excited to go even deeper at The Rooted Kafe!"

Jane F.

"Others who I knew studied the Torah seemed to have a relationship with The Creator that I really wanted. A closer walk, in my mind. But I thought it would be too hard too understand and that it's too late for me. However, the nudges from God to build on our relationship were getting more frequent. The Rooted Kafe and the How to study the Bible from Bill have really made things so clear that I look forward to learning at my pace - the buffet table is set and God Himself will take me by the hand ( as He always has ) and teach me what I need to hear one step at a time. The Joy that exudes from Brenda is so real and refreshing. Thank you all for sharing your years of studying with me and making it simple and clear. I believe many many lives will be changed, nourished and blessed because of your work to build this platform and this community. I know I am one of those and I am Grateful ! God bless you ! Darlene Turgeon"



We are the community of women you have been looking for!


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