We started this

just for you!


I found myself attending teachings and fellowships but not knowing some of the words or how to walk out things like the festivals. Everyone was assuming that I knew and I didn't and I was too embarrassed to ask.

I wanted to create a place that you can show up at whatever level you are in following this Torah life and ask questions and not feel embarrassed. It really was that simple. I needed to be around sisters just like me that needed to learn the practical ways to walk this life out. So The Rooted Kafe was birthed. We get to be in a covenant community of women to grow at our own pace with amazing teachings and safe discussions.

Not ready to make a monthly commitment? That's ok we want to get to know you! You may be part of our Friday Portion study. It started from a study around a kitchen table and we have opened it up now to women just like us who want to learn the practical application of that week's parsha (portion).

You are welcome to join us if that resonates with you at https://band.us/n/afac86b2nck9M. Be sure to answer the questions so that we keep the community safe. If you are not on Band, please email us at [email protected] and we can get you the zoom info to join us live.

Blessings Sister,


Founding Director, The Rooted Kafe