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Rooted in Truth

A Servants Heart

Mama, can I have a raw mom moment with you?

I don’t know about you, but on a “good day,” I feel like I am fulfilling my highest calling when I am serving my family. Whether that is by creating and cooking a wholesome meal, washing and folding laundry, or helping my littles get bathed and dressed. Combing hair, brushing teeth, reading to them, while also teaching them how to read. These moments are more than just a routine they have developed into family rituals that are imprinting into my children’s lives and becoming so ingrained into their development and character. In our day-to-day busyness, these moments can become mundane and seem so insignificant. Sometimes we forget to just Selah and stop to just be present with them in that exact moment.

I’ll be honest with you. There are days I don’t want to be a super mom. Even I, the Preschool Educator with almost a decade of training in Early Childhood, has her limits. Some days I get so overwhelmed by the chore list and daily activities that I just want to stop and get away from it all. But all that changes when you see your child smile at you and say, “thank you, mom, for all you do.” When they come up to you to just give you a hug, a kiss, and an “I love you.” My heart rejoices when I see my children laugh and be themselves after pouring in hours of labor and love. You’ve won the battle when your family actually enjoys and eats a home-cooked meal you made from scratch!

Gratitude is the most powerful feeling in the world and can shift even the worst day to the best day.

On those harder days, I remember to be grateful and thank the Father for the family he has gifted me with. Still, there are those days I struggle to find that family-life balance. My husband sometimes jokes and calls me Martha because it’s hard for me to slow down once I get going.

We all know this Bible story about the two sisters who Yeshua was visiting in Luke 10:38-42. Martha was the one who seemed too distracted and caught up in serving while Mary sat at Yeshua’s feet listening to His teaching.

Ah, to be a Mary at the feet of Yeshua. My moments with Abba don’t exactly look like this. With littles, It’s hard to find that intimate time with the Father. I either have to wake up early or stay up late to have that extra time with Him. But you know what I love about my Father?  He will meet you in your everyday tasks. For me, it tends to happen at the kitchen sink when I am washing dishes. One of these encounters I experienced was during Yom Kippur. During this time of deep reflection and repentance. I find myself stressing and prepping for the coming High Shabbat. As I am screaming at everyone to get all their chores done and rushing to get the house in order. I am convicted to stop, and this thought comes to my mind “I don’t want to be a Martha anymore. I just want to be a Mary,” so I drop to the floor and just start crying. My oldest walks in; he’s 10. He freaks out, and he runs out to get the rest of his siblings to come to see me. As I explained what was happening. I told them that it was ok for them to see me in this state of prostrate before our sovereign King. In a state of worship and complete surrender.

Are you a Mary or a Martha? 

                           I’m learning to be both!

                                                  A worshiper like Mary and a servant like Martha.

Ok! I just can not continue without getting into some Hebrew here, so let’s dissect this word servant using a pictograph. Servant in Hebrew is Ehbed broken down into three root words Ayin, Beyt, and Dalet. Ayin is the picture of the eye and means to see, to know, or to experience. Beyt is the picture of the tent and indicates a family or a dwelling place, and is the first letter in the Torah (Old Testament) that identifies the Son of God. Dalet is the picture of the doorway and points to a pathway, a gate, a place of decision, or a place where change can take place.


What does that sound like to you? To me that sounds like a Mother. A spiritual guide. Someone who is pointing and leading a path for their child to walk in, through the door representing Yeshua Jesus our Messiah and the only way they can experience this or see it in their own life. Is if they have a genuine and personal encounter with our Father. Where do you believe these encounters should occur?  Under a tent of meeting. A dwelling place for the Holy-spirit to move. Do you realize the power we have to influence our children! To be that kind of spiritual role model and guide. We get to help create that path for them to walk in. Ultimately, it will be their personal and individual decision to continue to walk it out. But, man what an assignment! It is so important to remember that your child needs to have a genuine experience with the Creator of heaven and earth and it is our job as parents to create that safe space for them to experience it.


Finally, the only one who can finish and do the complete and good work in our children is the Most High. So mama, continue to be in service to our King. Continue to worship Him through the good and bad days and remember to Selah stop and sit at the feet of our Messiah and invite your children to join you. Abba, I pray that we continue to be that spiritual influence and role model to our children and young adults. And that when they see us experience you they desire that same genuine experience and encounter with you. Amen.


Blessed be my Lord! Day by day he bears our burdens- the God of our salvation! Selah


Here is a list of some of my favorite Psalms to reflect on and encourage you when you need to take a moment to pause Selah…


Psalms 31:24

Psalms 36

Psalms 46:10

Psalms 56:8

Psalms 71:5

Psalms 121:1

Psalms 139:14

Ruth Camargo

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