Rooted In Truth The Essence of Ishah

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Rooted in Truth

The Essence of Ishah (woman) 

Part 1

I really feel the need to touch on a topic that the world has tried to define in their own eyes. We live in a world where gender identity is questioned, not just by women. But by man and now even children. I can't help but think how much this grieves the Father's heart. 

According to the Mirriam Webster's Dictionary, a woman is an adult female person.

A woman pertains to a particular category (as by birth, residence, membership, or occupation) —usually used in combination. A woman has a distinctively feminine nature. A woman portrays a servant or personal attendant. She is a girlfriend/wife. She is extremely fond of or devoted to something specified.

A woman is not just a person who identifies as a woman. She is MORE than that! A woman is not just a cultural stereotype. She is MORE than that! Being a woman is so much MORE than just an outward expression. When man wants to focus on the physical genitalia of woman, God focuses on what is inside of a woman, Her soul!

First Woman

I believe that from the very beginning our Father had an original plan and design specifically for women. For us to understand what that means, let's go back to the begining bereshit (Genesis) to look at the first woman. 

Adonai Elohim caused a deep sleep to fall on the man, and he slept; and He took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh in its place. Adonai Elohim built the rib, which He had taken from the man, into a woman. Then He brought her to the man. Then the man said, “This one, at last, is bone of my bones and flesh from my flesh. This one is called woman, (Ishah) for from man was taken this one.”

Who was Ishah and what essence did she carry? Genesis 2:21‭-‬23 TLV

Woman is given a first name Ishah. She is also given a second name  Chavah. Meaning "to live" chai "life" and "Mother of All Living." Chavah embodies both the essence of life itself and the creative ability to grant that life to others. Gen 3:20

Wow! We know that Ishah had an important role to play in the Garden just as much as man. This brings me back to the word Ezer-Kenegdo. She was created to be a helpmate and birth out LIFE in all and through all. She carried within her the very spiritual essence of God.

The Hebrew word for essence is mahut. It means nature, character, and essence. The Hebrew root letters are Mem, Hey, and Tet.  The letter Mem מ represents water (mayim) and has several related meanings to people, nations, wisdom, & knowledge. The Hey ה symbolizes the divine and means behold, breath, sigh, reveal, and revelation. The Tet ט is a paradoxical letter that both means good and evil. It is shaped like a mother's womb and carries a symbol of "hidden goodness."

I feel like Chavah (Eve) has gotten a bad rep and has been referenced with some negativity in the past. I have even made a few jokes myself. "If it wasn't for Eve we probably wouldn't have pain during childbirth." We are quick to point out the "evil" in woman. But what about the "good?" God still blesses man and woman and even calls them "good." Gen 28-31 

First woman was created with a divine spark from The Divine and she carried the essence of the Creator.

Can you see the standard  God has bestowed on women? What a title and unique nature He has placed and made instinct through the heart, character, spirit, and essence of woman. Women are not only Life-Givers but are breathing, walking, vessels that pour out and birth out purpose. Designed to procreate Life in everything they touch. 


I get excited when I see women carry themselves in a way they were originally designed to. The true essence of woman has not been lost but has been nurtured and handed down and inherited by the woman Matriarchs that came before us. We see this example through Sarai's life. Her essence was sought out and acknowledged even by Kings? Why??

I'm excited to share more on this in part 2. Join me!!


Ruth Camargo

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