Do you feel like you are behind?

alone comparing comparison feeling left out fomo overwhelmed playing catch up Feb 26, 2020



This is your moment. This is the epicenter of your life.

So often we gauge our measure of success by the bench marks others have hit. We compare. We evaluate. We wonder where we went wrong. What did we did so differently that kept us from achieving the same results. We see our lot in life as less than theirs. We judge our selves and our success by what we perceive to be a standard set by those around us who have met it. 

And we feel behind. 

Where you are right now is YOUR starting point. It’s not where you were or where you are going to be. Not at all, but you are smack-dab in the middle of your right-now. And because you are uniquely and intricately created with a specific mission and design, you can not compare yourself to others. It’s basically telling God that HE blew it, and He really is not perfect. That’s not the conversation you want to have with the Creator, is it? 

This moment is your epicenter.

Think of it like a pebble being thrown into the lake. The force of the pebble creates ripples that begin at the epicenter and work their way out. They really never do end, they keep going, they keep pushing, they keep moving the water, moving the air, changing the atmosphere. Their vibrations are felt as far as every shore. This moment is your epicenter. So, no. You are NOT behind. You are exactly where you need to be. You aren’t too old, too young, not smart enough. You are not ill equipped or under-educated. You are not too busy or too distracted. You are here. You are right where and when you need to be. He meets you where you are. Embrace your right now and turn your eyes to Him. Let Him show you how He sees you and how His plan for your life is in the right now. Your mission in life cannot be completed the way Sally or Suzie or Tommy do it. It’s your pebble. It’s your ripple. 

The world is waiting for the ripples that only you can generate.

-Brenda Stroth



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