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Filling the Earth with His Glory - Amber Alcoser

Uncategorized Jul 07, 2021

Filling the Earth with His Glory 

I live in the Rocky Mountains and toward the end of May we had an explosion of migratory birds at our feeders. We typically have 5 pairs of returning Western Tanagers but this year, there were 10 pairs! They are a tropical bird that travels all the way to these melting snow capped mountains to raise their young. They are not the only tropical birds that travel such long distances to arrive here for this short season as we also have several hummingbird species and some other vibrant fowl. This becomes quite the entertainment as the birds are eating up all the seed and slurping sugary goodness. At the same time, as the melted snow fills the streams, the trout are also making a long trip upstream to go deposit their eggs and the life cycle begins again. The rivers near my home offer some kind of gold medal trout fishing. And supposedly some salmon also spawn near these waters. 

Going out, returning, going out. A pattern established on the 5th day of Creation and in Genesis 1:22, “And the Lord blessed them and said, be fruitful and multiply, fill the waters in the seas and let fowl multiply in the earth.” 

Several years ago, I studied the Creation Gospel by Hollisa Alewine and I learned the chiastic structure of the seven branched menorah tying them to the seven days of creation. Each branch also ties into the seven spirits and the feast days. This 5th day is a chiasm to the 3rd day. Ding, ding, ding, there should be some resurrection of Messiah shofars going off just mentioning that day. Notice that the Lord did not bless the 6th day creatures the same, just man in verse 28 giving the same command as the birds and fish. 

Later, after the flood, we see that the Lord repeats the command in Genesis 8:17 for creation and mankind in 9:1. We see the phrase with Jacob in chapter 35 when his name change is restated again. 

In Numbers chapter 14, when Moses was pleading with the Lord to spare Israel in verse 21 the Lord says,” all the earth will be filled with the glory of the Lord.” The Psalmist repeats that phrase in 72:19 and it is also seen in Habakkuk 2:14. The word fill in these verses is the same word used in Genesis 1, fill the waters, meaning to be teaming, swarming and moving. 

Isaiah 43:7, we are created for the glory of God. Genesis 1:27, tells us that we are made in the image of God. 2 Corinthians 3:18, we are being changed into the same image. 1John 4:17, as he is, so are we IN this world.

Do you see it? That is us! We are the glory image bearers on this earth, right now! Like kind, producing like kind. Let me take the liberty and spread those verses to this: The whole earth will be teaming, swarming and moving about with those called by his name to reproduce his same glory image. 

I see this established pattern from Genesis as not being done away with, tied to the Gospel of the Kingdom. This is not just a physical reproduction in the natural realm but an eternal template. Be fruitful, multiply. Fill the earth with my image bearers. 

The very purpose of receiving the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, Ruach HaKodesh was to be His witness to the ends of the earth. Act 1:8. 

This seed that Yeshua planted into the disciples, brought to life on Shavuot was to be scattered into the whole earth. 

The chiastic structure relates the 3rd Day of resurrection to the 5th Day, a greater resurrection coming. Yet, the 4th day, the Spirit of the Most High being released upon the people, filling them with His glory is what ties this all together. The indwelling spirit enables our “GO” to take our seed to the ends of the earth. 

As we have recently finished up the Spring Feasts and we are in the summer months known as the season of preparation for the end time harvest, the souls of man. We will soon hear the blowing of the shofars, gathering the whole body together in anticipation of the King’s return. Yet, how can we have a feast of Sukkot, known as the Ingathering or last great harvest festival or the Feast of the Nations without the Nations at the table with us? 

I had the privilege a few years ago to teach at a workshop in Africa called the Song of the Son of God, found in Revelation 7:9. The throne of the Lamb is surrounded by ALL nations, kindreds, peoples and tongues. And yet, there are many throughout the world that have not heard the Gospel or the Messiah. So, the song remains incomplete.

The marriage supper of the Lamb has empty seats and many of the guests have not RSVP’d yet! We have some labor to do. 

The voice of our beloved Yeshua is the same voice as the One who spoke these birds and fish into existence and gave the commands for like kind to produce like kind. Do we believe that it is the same voice? Do we believe that Yeshua’s commands are just as weighty and with consequence as in the beginning- Genesis? He told us to “Go into ALL the Nations” and how well are we doing?

The new Barnum survey, which takes polls and questionnaires to see how well Christianity is thriving, shows that American Christianity is not doing so well. That means, we have an awesome opportunity to spread glory seeds all around us! As a whole, we as a Messianic movement have not been faithful in reaching out to our nation or the ends of the earth for the Kingdom. We started off strong but now have many divisions within ourselves about doctrine, who is who, and goodness knows what all. It is difficult to find outreaches or missions that encompass our flavor of faith and I know for myself have had to look to the mainstream to participate in obeying the “GO!” However, the tides are turning! We can all sense a shift and see the reports of the hungry ones coming to the Shepherd. Praise the Lord! Stay tuned as I share more about how we can be a solution in our own cities and states in this harvest season.

-Amber Alcoer


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