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Going Out With a Bang

Uncategorized May 25, 2021

For some, it is approaching the end of another school year and as I like to sometimes say..” all’s well that ends well.” While our family schools year-round, and does our celebrating at a different time; I have found that most families I know like to follow the public school system’s schedule when it comes to starting and ending their school year. I have also found that it is becoming more and more a tradition to end the year with a bang! 

What about your family? Will you be ending the year with an abrupt halt to ALL THE THINGS? Or will you be putting on the party hats and embarking on a whirlwind of festivities? Not sure yet? That’s ok, take your time. 

Meanwhile, I’ve put together a fun list of 10 ideas for end-of-year activities to help your family end this year in style! 

Have an award ceremony. 

Showcase/display any saved work or projects from the year and hold a ceremony to celebrate any achievements made or goals met. (i.e, “I read my first book” award, “I spelled 100 words correctly” award, honor roll, attendance..” most improved” etc..) Pinterest has pages and pages of award ideas and printing them off is even easier. Make it extra special and gift a homemade coupon for a prize, or a $5 gift card to Walmart, 

McDonald’s, or their favorite dollar store! P.S. Dressing up really makes the occasion extra! 

Create and start a Summer Journal 

What’s more fun than tracking summer fun with a personalized journal?! Get out the construction paper and all the crafty goodness and put 

together a journal that the littles can write down their summer shenanigans in, draw pictures of their outings, and even hold clippings of collected movie tickets or event souvenirs. 

Have an “It’s Summer!” Party 

No one loves a get-together more than my family and what better time to do that than at the end of your school year?! Water balloon fights and watermelon, slip and slides and ice cream sundaes, sleepovers, and backyard BBQs. The possibilities are endless! 

Last Day of School Lunch at the Park 

This one is easy. If you have smaller children who are easily amused, then a picnic lunch in the park will make their day. Take it up a notch and end the day with a trip to the snow cone stand or ice cream shop!

Start a time capsule 

How fun would it be to gift your child a time capsule of their upbringing on graduation day?! Use the last day of school to have each child decorate a shoebox, or a mailbox if you want to go big; and start filling it with completed work and projects, even pictures! Don’t forget to date ALL THE THINGS. 

Make a memory collage 

This is another project that is a lot of fun to do together as a family. Did you go on any memorable trips or outings this past year? What were some of the funniest moments? Do any particular words come to mind that can be added to this tangible reminder of what this year meant to your family? Gather these ideas along with pictures or cut-outs and make a scrapbook collage, or yearbook if you will, of all your findings. 

Memory Verse Formal 

Does your family work on memory verses throughout the year? Our family does copy work with a new memory verse every week. The end of your school year is a great time to hold a special, one-of-a-kind formal dinner where each child can select a number of verses memorized and recite them to the family. This can be a ‘graduation’ event of the sort, done each year when a child transitions from one level to the next. 

Bonfire & Smores!! (you can find ‘clean/kosher’ marshmallows. Make homemade or order the Dandies brand from Amazon) 

If you use disposable workbooks or worksheets in your homeschool that you do not necessarily need to keep, what a way to end out the year than to let the kiddos chunk them in the fire!! This also helps you keep the clutter to a minimum ;) After you have sorted through and held back the items or projects you want to keep (for the above projects for example) save the rest for the bonfire! Then roast up some beef hotdogs and smores to celebrate. 

Photo Scavenger Hunt 

Plan a wild goose-chase-style scavenger hunt leading your family back to memorable locations that you visited throughout the school year. At each location, snap a picture and add it to your collage, yearbook, or create a scrapbook to add to next year! 

Locker cleanout 

Ok, ok so most homeschoolers don’t actually have a locker. But we do have homeschool spaces, cubbies, bookshelves, and...corners? Add this locker cleanout project to the TOP of your ‘last day’ of school activities (think bonfire) and get things rolling for a fun-filled day of events!

While homeschooling can be exhausting and even daunting at times, it doesn’t always have to be. Adding in a little fun here and there to keep things exciting is nearly a MUST. And who doesn’t like a little fun anyway? Do one or do them all, hey; have a ‘last day of school’ WEEK if you like! After all, homeschoolers do it bigger right? LOL. But whatever you do, make it special, make it memorable, and make a BANG!


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