The Banqueting Table

needs provision Jun 25, 2020

“”… In his shadow I delighted to sit, and his fruit was sweet to
my taste. He has brought me to the banquet house and his
banner over me is love.” Song of Songs 2:3b-4

I recently had a dream where I was standing before a gigantic banqueting
hall with tables that were lavishly arrayed with a limitless supply of every
fruit and vegetable and prepared dish. Every combination imaginable was
present, and more. Oh, so much more. The colors, the shapes and the
aromas were spectacular. And every bit of it was hand selected specifically
for me.

As I stood there gasping in awe of this display, barely able to comprehend
the magnitude and splendor before me, I felt the LORD begin explaining to
me what I was seeing.

I have prepared everything you need for today and every day of your life.

There is no lack.

He was making sure that what I saw with my eyes was registering as a
reality in my heart. All of this, every last bit of it, was for me! The thoughts that were bombarding me were coming fast and furiously. I looked again at all the tables. This really was for me. He had assured my future. Suddenly, the food was more than food. It was provision, but it was more than provision. And that’s when it slammed into me.

HE was everything that I would ever need, and more. He was pouring out HIMSELF
to me. HE was everything that I could ever want. The Holy One was
showing me what it truly means for Him to be My Provider, My Bridegroom
King. Though from my perspective it all seemed excessive, more than I
could comprehend even. From His viewpoint it was just what it was meant
to be, it was WHO He is and Who He will be. There was not one wasted or
useless item anywhere.

Move into the space of Appropriation.

Something started formulating within my mind. This banqueting table vision
was so much more than just a banquet hall of food. It was a glimpse into
the Heart of my King, and a glimpse into how He views provision. This was
a learning opportunity for me. This was where I was being taught not only
what love really looks like, but how to appropriate the provision of the Holy
One’s Love. This means that I whole heartedly accept and take as my own
what is given to me. It means that I allow what He has offered me to
become my reality.

I will eat it, enjoy it, I will delight in it and I will allow it to become life within me.

I will utilize the energy and the ability that it generates within me.

I will allow it to birth life, and kingdom vision, kingdom shalom, kingdom mission with in me.

It does not mean that I just gaze at its beauty but never pick it up and consume it. It means I am fully engaging in this love fest! And in doing that, I am fully accepting Who and What HE is
offering me. I am appropriating His gift of love.

Practice your responses

He was also showing me that I was being given an opportunity to prepare,
rehearse and practice. What was I to practice? My responses to whatever
circumstances or situations that were inevitably headed my way that were
going to test this “Provision Promise”. When hardships arise, (and we all
know that they will) was I going to respond in absolute trust that He is
enough, or was I going to react to the hardships with unfaithfulness and
fear that I was on my own? Was I going to be in love with only what He
could give me or was I going to be in Love with Him and know that HE is all
I will ever need?

Look for the Big Picture

There is always a bigger picture for us to see. Sometimes we are unable to
see it from our current position or perspective. If that’s true for you, (as it
was for me) maybe It’s time to move. I needed to move away from seeing
the physical food as the object of my provision. I needed to see that He and
He alone is EVERYTHING I need. Does this mean that He will provide
food, and clothing and finances and every other thing that I need in this
life? Absolutely! But it also means that His provision goes way beyond
temporary things. His provision is eternal. And it was that provision which I
was being challenged to appropriate!

When we get Divine insights (like the banquet hall vision) we have the
opportunity to step up to a higher vantage point where we see things,
respond to things, and anticipate things clearer. This is our time to climb

Gratitude begins before the provision arrives

I have never been more challenged to leave behind my poverty-mentality
thinking. Not because I am grasping for more, bigger, better, but because HE has
shown me that HE has within Himself, everything that I will ever need. Every
provision is within HIM. He has a plan to provide for me (even when I can’t see a
way for that to happen), and His plan is so much more than “provision” from my
limited understanding. And I can not wait to participate in that plan with Him! My
gratitude needs to be in full swing long before the provision arrives, because I
trust Him to be Who He is. He is the One whose Love for us is greater and
deeper and more beautiful than we can even begin to imagine. He is the One
whose Banqueting Hall is filled with hand picked delicacies that are designed especially with you in mind. He is not just the one who provides…

HE is Our

“My God will fulfill every need of yours according to the riches of His glory

in Messiah Yeshua.” Phil 4:19

From afar ADONAI appeared to me.” “Yes, I have loved you with an
everlasting love. Therefore I have drawn you with lovingkindness.” Jer 31:3

Be blessed and live rooted!
Brenda Stroth



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