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The Bible Jesus Read

Uncategorized Mar 24, 2020
What was the Bible JESUS read? Hold on to your hats: He quoted from no other book than the Old Testament when being recorded in the New Testament. He taught in the Temple out of Isaiah. He instructed His disciples in Hebraic study techniques of the times. He walked out the scribed text of Moses. 

How does this affect you? Have you always understood this to be so? When you read the New Testament do understand that the “scriptures” that are referred to are the Ancient texts of the Torah, the prophets and the writings? (What is Commonly referred to as The Old Testament- TaNaKh in Hebrew).

The Bible Jesus read, referred to and taught was the Torah. He conversed with the most learned men of the times at the Temple and instructed them in what was really being said by God through the books of Moses. He redirected them away from man made additions and refocused them on the words that God spoke through the prophets.
“All scripture is God breathed and profitable for...

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Do you feel like you are behind?



This is your moment. This is the epicenter of your life.

So often we gauge our measure of success by the bench marks others have hit. We compare. We evaluate. We wonder where we went wrong. What did we did so differently that kept us from achieving the same results. We see our lot in life as less than theirs. We judge our selves and our success by what we perceive to be a standard set by those around us who have met it. 

And we feel behind. 

Where you are right now is YOUR starting point. It’s not where you were or where you are going to be. Not at all, but you are smack-dab in the middle of your right-now. And because you are uniquely and intricately created with a specific mission and design, you can not compare yourself to others. It’s basically telling God that HE blew it, and He really is not perfect. That’s not the conversation you want to have with the Creator, is it? 

This moment is your epicenter.

Think of it like a pebble...

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