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Homeschooling - You are cut out for this!

homeschool Apr 21, 2021

You Are Cut Out For This

Some of the things I hear the most from mothers who have thought about homeschooling or do think about homeschooling is; “I don’t have the patience to do that,” or “I’m not smart enough to teach,” and even, “I’m not cut out for this.” Well mamma, today I want to help change your mindset. Today I want to change your, ‘I can’t,’ to an “I can.” 

A Henry Ford quote that has become quite famous in our house, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't – you're right,” emphasizes how much attitude determines our success or failure. And that goes for all areas of life, not just homeschooling. Bike riding for instance. 

When a child is learning to ride a bike, we notice the frustration in the process. “I can’t,” statements falling off the tongue like leaves fall off of trees. Remember? And as long as that child continued to think...

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