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The Banqueting Table

needs provision Jun 25, 2020

“”… In his shadow I delighted to sit, and his fruit was sweet to
my taste. He has brought me to the banquet house and his
banner over me is love.” Song of Songs 2:3b-4

I recently had a dream where I was standing before a gigantic banqueting
hall with tables that were lavishly arrayed with a limitless supply of every
fruit and vegetable and prepared dish. Every combination imaginable was
present, and more. Oh, so much more. The colors, the shapes and the
aromas were spectacular. And every bit of it was hand selected specifically
for me.

As I stood there gasping in awe of this display, barely able to comprehend
the magnitude and splendor before me, I felt the LORD begin explaining to
me what I was seeing.

I have prepared everything you need for today and every day of your life.

There is no lack.

He was making sure that what I saw with my eyes was registering as a
reality in my heart. All of this, every last bit of it, was for me! The thoughts that were bombarding me...

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