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Dr. Hollisa Alewine

Dr. Hollisa Alewine has her B.S. and M.Ed. from Texas A&M and a Doctorate in Philosophy from Oxford Graduate School. Her area of research is adult education with an emphasis on correctional education. Additionally, two of her three Master's Degrees (one in Rabbinic Theology and one in Religious Education) emphasized research in Nazarene Judaism of the First Century. 
Dr. Alewine was the recipient of the Oxford Grail Award for Distinction in Academic Research Quality awarded by Oxford Faculty Senate 2007 for her dissertation: Andragogical Methods and Readiness for the Correctional GED Classroom. Her research was published in the Journal of Correctional Education published by Correctional Education Association in 2010.  
Now retired from a career in federal law enforcement, Dr. Alewine writes and teaches extensively in the Jewish roots of faith. She is the author of Standing with Israel: A House of Prayer for All Nations, The Creation Gospel Bible study workbook series, and she is a programmer on Hebraic Roots Network. Her newest project is publishing BEKY Books (Books Encouraging the Kingdom of Yeshua), and she is joined in the project by some of her favorite lady authors and teachers. Proceeds from her Creation Gospel workbook series have helped to build and provide monthly funds to the LaMalah Children's Centre in Kenya and assistance to orphanages and children’s homes in India, Peru, and Rwanda.
Dr. Alewine is a student and teacher of the Word of God.  
Inquiries concerning speaking engagements or orphange donations may be made through

Simonette Cherepanov

Simonette Cherepanov was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela 60 years ago. She is married with 3 adult children and 2 granddaughters. She has served in an extensive career in Ministry Leadership Preparation and is a chaplain. She has served for twelve years and is currently serving as Parent Educator for the Health Department in the Research Base Program (Parents as Teachers). She has traveled extensively as a keynote speaker, patient advocate and leading mission trips.

Her faith journey began in the Catholic Church at the age of 7 and at the age of 23 understood that Jesus was her only way to the Father. She spent time in multiple denominations through her adulthood. At the age of 59 she discovered her Sephardic genealogy and began her journey into her Jewish Roots.

She loves to use science to confirm what God has been telling us in His Word all along, even before science even knew it as a fact.

It is her passion to help the Bride to find easy pathways to connect with Abba and find her way back to the Garden of Eden.

Kisha Gallagher

Kisha Gallagher is the author of the BEKY Book: The Biblical New Moon: A Guide for Celebrating, and the website, Grace in Torah, a ministry devoted to the Gospel of Yeshua, the moadim (feasts), marital roles, and general Bible study. Kisha is a former cohost on Hebrew Nation Radio’s Morning Show, Renewed, and a new programmer on MyReviveTV (Hebraic Roots Network). She resides with her husband and sons in Knoxville, TN. She can be contacted at

Dr. Robin Gould

Robin Gould, D.R.E., LMFT has a Master's Degree in Marriage & Family Therapy and a Doctorate in Religious Education. Practicing as a therapist since 2001, Dr. Gould specializes in Emotionally Focused Couple's Therapy and is currently conferencing on marital health. She is the author of several BEKY books in the BEKY Book series and hosts a radio show on Messianic Lamb Radio. She travels as a lecturer and public speaker enlightening Christians to the Messiah in the Old Testament, as well as emphasizing the relational aspects of the Torah to the Messianic Believer. The proud mother of two wonderful sons, she divides her time between Florida and Vermont with her husband, David. She may be contacted through her website:

Deborah Flanagan

Deborah Flanagan is a wife, mother, and grandmother. She’s taught for over 28 years, but her passion and boldness in the Word of God emerged through the traumas and challenges of the last 22 years. She loves accommodating women in prayer and Bible study. Currently, she leads weekly prayer groups, hosts women’s studies, and speaks at conferences. She lives near the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee and can be reached at

Brenda Stroth

Brenda Stroth is an inspiring speaker, author and teacher who draws her audience into her experiences through vulnerability, transparency, and humor. Whenever Brenda shares, her love for the Hebrew alefbet bubbles forth, and you will hear her passion arise! She sees the Hebrew letters of the alefbet as building blocks, glimpses into the dynamic energy of the Creator, and also how Yeshua (Jesus) is revealed in every letter!  Brenda has been teaching torah/bible studies for over 20 years. She is currently co-host of the weekly torah study, “The Portion” and an Instructor as well as Director of Community Experience at The Rooted Kafe, an online community.

Dr. Deborah Wiley-Gold

Dr. Deborah Wiley Gold known as Dr. Deb is the Founder and Executive Director of UCAN, a community based 501c3 organization that centers on troubled youth and families. She was the Senior Pastor of Oasis Life Center from 1998 until July 2018. Dr. Deb is also the founder and C.E.O. of Women of Merit Ministries, which will be launched this fall. The ministry was founded to empower women to be healed emotionally and spiritually and to coach women in achieving their life’s goals and destiny by seeing themselves as GOD sees them.
Having experienced troubled times and sexual abuse as a youth, running away from home at the age of 14, and having a baby at the age of 15. She lived on the streets desperate and suicidal. Dr. Deb has a passion toward embracing youth and adults, helping them heal and overcome their hurts, abuse, emotional pain and guilt. As an adult, she pursued her future as a Therapist despite and because of a difficult past and earned her PhD. in Psychology from Carolina University specifically to help others to overcome adversity as she has.
She currently hosts a weekly radio program, which focuses on the amazing power of God to heal, restore and renew in spite of life’s challenges
After many years of searching for answers, Dr. Deb’s eyes were opened to the validity of the complete council of God from Genesis to Revelation and is now a passionate prophetic voice in the community of believers. She has been involved in ministry for 25 years as a popular conference speaker, radio host, and Therapist.
Her prophetic teachings are forthright --helping the listener to get a clearer picture of the Messiah within themselves. Her message is one of hope and solutions. The passion and cry of her heart produces a hunger for all that the LORD has for His people, while launching them into their own destiny and search for Messiah in the Word and in themselves. She is known for her humor, upbeat positive personality, and illustrated messages that transform lives forever.
Watch for her book to be on the market soon titled What’s Lust Have to do with it?

Charli Brown

Your host and emcee for the summit. Charli is the founder and CEO of The Rooted Kafe. If you ask her what she does she won't tell you she is a nurse, that she has a graduate degree in education, that she has been teaching the Word for over 20 years, but she will say that she is a "knowledge broker". Her passion is to bring LIFE to Torah and help women apply it in practical ways to their lives. You can find her every Friday with her co-host Brenda Stroth teaching in The Portion or in The Rooted Kafe.



 8:30*  Welcome

 9:00*  Brenda Stroth - Releasing the Biblical Feminine

11:00*  Kisha Gallagher - The Feast of the Born Again: Celebrating the Biblical New Moon

 1:00*  Dr. Hollisa Alewine - The Gospel in Seven Days of Creation

 3:00* Deborah Flanagan - 

 4:30* Simonette Cherepanov - Back to Eden, What Hinders Us?

 6:00*  Dr. Robin Gould - Divorce & Remarriage in the Bible

 7:00*  Dr. Deborah Wiley-Gold - Yeshua and the Woman Who Loved Him.

 8:00* Closing Thoughts

(*all times are CST)